Clarity of software simulations built with Storyline and added to Rise

Hi there,

I am recording simulations using SL and placing them into Rise and I'm struggling to make them crystal clear due to the differing sizes that Rise will display the content depending on screen resolution. Is there any way of setting the width of the embedded SL file not to exceed a certain width, such as 1120px?

If I record them at 1120 x 700 (which is the size the SL displays in Rise for a screen res of 1600 x 900), I can make them look almost as clear as what the SL published file looks like when not viewed in Rise (I expected it to be identical, but it seems impossible to do). 

But when I view it on a display set at 1920 x 1080, the embedded SL width is now 1325 x 829, and therefore the background images are blurry.

Can anyone recommend a way to record simulations so that they look clear on all screens? Should I record them for the biggest screen resolution, or simply accept that I cannot achieve clarity for all screen resolutions?

Unfortunately, I cannot just use SL as my client wants the rest of the course built in Rise, as it looks so nice.

In the past, I've used non-responsive Captivate courses for software sims and have always been able to make them crystal clear, so maybe my expectations are set too high. 

Thanks in advance, Barry 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Barry, thanks for reaching out about this. 

Let's take a look at your Storyline Block settings. Did you select Small, Medium, or Full Width?

I would suggest using Small or Medium, since that will restrict the Storyline slide from expanding too much if you increase the size of the browser window. 


You can also try publishing with the Classic Player style, and choose Lock Player at Optimal Size in the player settings

Let me know if that helps you!


Barry Stoner

Thanks Alyssa. Sorry for the late reply!

I've now tried using the Classic Player with the Browser Settings Player size set as 'Lock player at optimal size', which should display the content as the slide size plus additional width and height for the player frame, but Rise still displays the content larger than it should.

In my test, I set the Story size to be 1120 x 700, but when I embed it into Rise, it displays it as 1150 x 720 (not including the player frame). So the jpgs are blurry.

For the Storyline Block settings, I'm using the Medium width.

Any ideas?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Barry. When I tested with a high resolution image on a 1120x700 slide in Storyline, I didn't notice any loss in quality once it was added as a Storyline block in Rise 360, even when I resized the browser quite a bit. 

Could we have a closer look at your Storyline project? You can privately share it with us here, and we'll delete it when we're done troubleshooting. I want to make sure we pinpoint the cause of the blurriness for you. Thanks!

Barry Stoner

Hi all, 

This may seem obvious but I have since recorded my simulations at 1920 x 1080 and they look great on all screen resolutions when embedded into Rise.

I've also found using the Classic player means the embedded Storyline file actually appears larger than when I publish using the Modern player. And the frame that is included with the Classic player also looks nice and tidy (imo).

When embedding in Rise I have set the Storyline Width to be 'Full Width' and it fits perfectly. 

I will advise the learners to fullscreen the web browser and to close the Rise menu to get the best effect, but even if they don't, it still works well.

Hopefully, this will help others.