Click here to send a copy of this course to your Rise 360 dashboard

Hey there,

I just noticed here that there is a way to let other Rise users add a copy of a course to their dashboard simply by clicking a link - the link in the example I saw seems to be broken though. I am currently developing a template course for my team. Instead of me sending copies of the template manually over and over again to different users, I would love my (new) team members being able to pull a copy to their dashboards independently whenever they need it. How do I do that?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Jana! We're going to get that link function fixed up. Thanks for letting us know you think that would be a helpful feature for your authors! I'll let you know if we add that into your toolkit.

In the meantime, take advantage of block templates in addition to the Send a copy feature to keep your projects consistent across the team!