Close Captioning Disappears Sporadically

Hello!  We published our very first Articulate 360 training module to our LMS production system today!  Yay!!  Our course was created in Rise 360 and includes several embedded videos that we created in Storyline 360, then imported into Rise 360.  We are required to have Closed Captioning on each video, which we created in Storyline 360.  When we tested in our LMS test environment, the videos and cc's worked just fine.  Now that we are in production, the cc's are inconsistent.  Sometimes the "CC" icon shows up at the bottom of the video and sometimes it doesn't.  Some learners see the CC and some learners don't see the CC - - on the SAME vidoe!  Can anyone please help us understand why this is happening and what can be done to resolve?  Thanks ever so much!!  

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Valerie Saboe

Hi Alyssa,  Yes, we have been able to reproduce the issue several times by three or four users.  We are all using Chrome.  We created our course in Rise 360 so it must be viewed in Chrome.  And yes I personally experienced this myself with my own testing.  Please let us know how to fix this so that all of our users will have a consistent experience with CC.  Thanks so much!!  

Valerie Saboe

Hi Alyssa,

I just logged a support case and attached our Rise 360 course.

I am attaching it to this email, as well.

Thanks for any help!! :)


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