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Jun 22, 2018

I have created a drag and drop activity in Storyline, published it in Articulate 360 and then inserted in in a Storyline block in Rise.

When I preview it, everything works fine except that the window does not close after I submit the answers and receive my feedback.

No LMS or tracking is needed.

What is the trick to get the learner back into the Rise module?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karin,

Could you tell us a bit more about what you're seeing? You shared the "window doesn't close" but the Storyline block should be displayed inside your Rise course window. Did you add something in the Storyline block to launch in a new window/tab? 

If you'd like to share a link to your Rise course (the Share link works if you've not uploaded to your Web server yet) I'm happy to take a look! That may¬†reveal just the clue we need to help you out. ūüĒé

Stan Dormer

I've created a module with two lessons.

Lesson 1 is conventional comprising only Rise block elements.

Lesson 2 is a quiz created in Storyline and then imported into a Rise Block.

When we export the two-lesson Rise course (SCORM) and select the option 'Track using Storyline Block' and import the zip into our LMS (Callidus Cloud - Litmos) everything works fine until the user comes to the end of the Storyline Quiz.

The quiz shows completion to the user and their score, but when the user exits the quiz lesson using an exit button our LMS indicates that the user has not completed the quiz and locks the user in, to do the quiz again.

However the LMS does show that the user has completed the first of the two lessons.

Does this mean:

a) the Storyline quiz is not signalling user completion to the LMS or

b) that you can't track two lessons one of ordinary block type and the other of storyline quiz type using tracking from the quiz block (only) or

c) that two lessons of different tracking types can't be included in a single module so should be split into two modules?

or d) we should track using only the 'Course completion option when including a Storyline Lesson within other lesson types?


Alyssa Gomez

Hey Stan!

In Storyline, when you published for Articulate 360, what tracking property did you select? You'll want to select "Track using quiz result".

Once the Storyline content is embedded in Rise, export your Rise course as an LMS package and select the option to track your course using a Storyline block. And if there’s more than one Storyline block in your course, choose the one you want to track from the drop-down list.
Let me know if you already followed those steps, and we'll keep digging!
Stan Dormer

Hi Alyssa,

We set tracking using Storyline Block exactly as you have it above. And we were puzzled because the Learner could not move on to the next module and locks them in as I've described above.

We've got a partial clue that maybe the Storyline module is not passing on the quiz result to our LMS.

I uploaded the dual lesson module to SCORMCLOUD firstly as I described using Track using Storyline Block, and then again but this time setting the Tracking to Track using Course Completion.

And got two different results: 

When tracking  Storyline Block was set SCORMCLOUD reported 'incomplete' and 'unknown' hence presumably this was why our learner could not exit the module.

When tracking of the module was set to 'Track using Course Completion' SCORMCLOUD reported completed and passed but attributed no score to the Storyline Quiz module.

I've attached screenshots from SCORMCLOUD where the first row result shows tracking using course completion and the second-row shows tracking using the Storyline Block.

I can share the module with your team if it would help.

What I'm looking for is to track the overall module result as 'completed' with the score result captured from the embedded Storyline module(Lesson 2 of the module).



Stan Dormer

Hi Leslie,

Yes, we did pass the quiz and it looks as though we're asking Rise to do something that it maybe cannot do. It looks as if two lessons embedded within one single export SCORM LMS wrapper can't send separate results for each of the two embedded lessons within the module. We want completeness from the first lesson and a quiz score from the second (storyline import). However, when we export it, it is as if the tracking parameters apply to the whole export as if it were one single object, thus the LMS does not get two individual results from within a single module.

So we can either ask the export function to track the quiz, in which case the completeness score for the non-quiz blocks doesn't work, or we can ask to track completeness in which case the quiz score for the quiz block doesn't work.

And, the problem this generates for us is that the LMS locks the user into the module as they have not completed it or passed the test depending on which option we've chosen.

We've found a temporary solution by splitting out the two lessons into two separate modules ensuring that we are tracking only quiz results or completeness. But any other thoughts would be welcome.

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