Closed Captions only showing sometimes for same video

I have several videos that are part of a Rise 360 course. Sometimes the closed captions and the CC icon show on the video and sometimes they don't. And this can be for the same video! 

Here is how the videos were created:

I imported a video into Storyline 360 and created closed captions using the editor. The Player has the Captions control checked. (Attached a screen capture.) I have also created a Trigger that states to set the Player.DisplayCaptions variable to True when the Timeline starts so that the captions always play. (Attached a screen capture.) I then Publish the Storyline slide and then insert it into a Rise 360 course as a Storyline block. 

When previewing the videos in Storyline, the captions ALWAYS show. But in Rise 360, they may not show one time and then show the next time for the same video. Why can I not get the captions to consistently show????

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Valerie Saboe

Hi Alyssa and all,  Has this issue with the inconsistent closed captioning been resolved yet?  This sounds like what we are experiencing.  We created the videos in Storyline and then imported them into our Rise 360 course.  Sometimes the CC shows on a video and sometimes it doesn't.  And the behavior could be different for different users viewing the same video.  Sounds like this happens even if the CC's are set to automatically show for each video?  Please let us know!!