Collaboration Needs in RISE

I just submitted the following feature requests. Posting here as well to get community engagement. Say something if you think these things are useful. Also submit a feature request if you REALLY think they are useful.

Here's where you can submit requests.

From Feature Request # 0242697102426971.

Please update the collaborator selections:

- I'd love to choose between my team mates from a drop-down or checklist instead of remembering their email addresses each time.

- When a course owner transfers ownership of a course, please allow them to decide if their new role will be Collaborator or Manager. Here's a conversation we have multiple times on each project: "Hey, I just made you Owner of that course. Would you please go in and reset me to Manager so I can still access settings?"

- Maybe also add the ability to "request" a role change from within the tool if you are on the team.

- On our team, we absolutely need full visibility of all courses on the team. Maybe give us an easy option when first creating a course to auto-set all other team members to collaborator (unless we choose to keep something private for testing, etc.)

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Roni Borri

Do we have any way to vote on feature requests, or add our support to existing ones? I had one very similar suggestion - especially around the last point.

In all of the learning teams I've worked in/managed, typically  multiple people need access to the course (potentially for editing, but also for administration, rebranding etc.) And in the days of micro-learning, then number of active courses we have is always on the increase. Consequently, it is very frustrating to have a new member join the team, and have to enable their access to courses one at a time. I would hope that Articulate could facilitate access permissions through the team console. 

Daniel Mitchell

Hi, Roni. That kind of across the board permission setting would be awesome. I'm about to have to go permission-crazy on about 80 to 100 micro courses for our recently hired boss. (I'll be sure to copy/paste her email address so I don't go completely insane). A further enhancement would be to be able to select all courses in a particular folder and give permissions that way. I have 173 courses in RISE so far, but not every single one is share-worthy.

My understanding of the feature requests is that the staff just looks to see if a request gets lots of mentions in the forum. *le sigh* I tend to post a forum post every time I post a feature request, and make them reference each other in hopes that other users will comment and show interest. Otherwise, my requests seem to just disappear into the ether.

I'd be happy to hear otherwise. I actually think the staff at Articulate is awesome, and they have been helpful in many cases. It's just the feature requests that are a bit of a mystery. Maybe there's a digest of requests somewhere or an up-vote feature that I don't know about.

Renz Sevilla

Hi All! Thanks for reaching out and following up with us on this! 

Though we can't commit to a solid time frame, we're still tracking requests for ways to improve the Collaborators feature in Rise 360. We'll definitely get back to you if we have more news for you regarding this.

User impact, developmental cycles, available resources, and how the feature will work best with existing features are all considered when we decide on what to work on. To learn more, please see how we manage feature requests.