Color settings in a process interaction after "Convert to blocks" ...

Hi all,

Great, that it's possible now to convert former just "process" or "labeled graphic" interactions to blocks.

I did this a few times and it works fine. Except when I convert an old process interaction, it seems not possible to change the background color settings. At least I don't see it.

To know better what I mean, check the attached pics. The first showing the process, where Background Color Setting is missing. The 2nd showing a "labeled graphic" conversion, with this setting. 

Can I count, that this will be enabled in process interaction conversions too?

Thx in advance and best regards

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Roland Straub

Hi Alyssa

Thx for the explanation and great, if you consider that for future development.  My learning for the moment is, not to convert old processes into blocks.

I'll deal with the already converted interactions and probably create them again in blocks. The thing is, that all my learning steps, come in pure white and it looks just awkward to suddenly have a greenish background. Good thing, that the green looks a lot like our company green ;-).

Have a great day and best regards

Crystal Horn

Hey folks - here's an update on the process block background to help you plan your courses.

The process block is built differently than other blocks, mostly due to the animation of steps. The feature that allows you to change the background color on other blocks doesn't apply to this block. Right now this is not a feature we're planning on building, and we'll let you know if that changes!