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MaryJane Rader

Sure.  It is a comparison of electrical standards using various equipment types. The details include descriptions, wire sizes, and the regulation rules for each. It is a side-by-side comparison.

A graphic gives the visual but it is content heavy and per Canadian and US regulations must be assessable. 

Allison LaMotte

That's helpful, MaryJane! 

Have you thought about breaking up the comparison by type? For example, all the wire size comparisons could be together and all the descriptions could be together. Then you could use an accordion interaction, for example. Each part of the accordion could be dedicated to a separate feature.

Just an idea! Let me know what you think.

MaryJane Rader

Definitely an idea we considered. I think we have decided to either put the information in tabs (not ideal but doable for now) or create a .pdf file and add it as an attachment.

Thanks for the responses! It has helped me talking through it.  Looking forward to the ability to add tables, though!! :D