COMING SOON: Even Faster Authoring in Rise

Oct 10, 2018

Rise is about to get some cool new features. On Tuesday, October 16, we’ll ship an update that’s going to simplify lesson creation and make authoring even easier.

You may have noticed that all the prebuilt lesson types are now available as blocks so you can include them in your blocks lessons. Next week, we’ll be adding the ability to turn your existing prebuilt lessons into blocks! We’re also releasing a new shortcut bar that lets you quickly add your favorite blocks to lessons.

See how the new goodness will work:

We think you’re going to love this more flexible way to create lessons in Rise.

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Jeff Forrer

Appreciate the team looking to improve the software as always, not to put a damper on the new bar, however is there a way to opt out of the shortcut bar if you do not want it to show up?  Would there be a plan to be able to put in the items that you might want vs. preset, so we can customize the items we use most? Thanks much, I know this is a new feature.

Jeff Forrer

Thanks.  Don't get me wrong, I love Rise and think it is very quick tool already to author with.  I know everyone uses it differently.  For me I create a rough Storyboard, then figure out my final design as I build, so I like to see all the different features and think as I go, so glad I can still do that ;0).

A suggestion if the bar was able to be customized later to add/remove user selected options such as in Office that would be great.  Thanks and nice job on keeping all the new features coming!

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