COMING SOON TO RISE: Scenario and Chart Blocks

Dec 11, 2018

Today we announced new features and content in Articulate 360 including two new block types coming in Rise.

It’s already stunningly easy to create engaging lessons with the learning blocks in Rise, but soon you’ll be able to create branching scenarios using the images and characters from Content Library. And, we’re adding a chart block that’ll help you create eye-catching charts in seconds.

We’ll update you in this forum when these new features are available. We think you’re going to love them! To learn more about all the new features we’ve announced, check out the What’s New, What’s Next page.

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Nina Araujo

Thank you, Allison, for your reply. Understood. Just hope that, when announcing future updates, Articulate does it in a more timely manner so that we are not sharing the news with clients and having to change course because "soon" was not soon enough. Thank you, as well, for your patience and understanding here. Really looking forward to this new version of Articulate Rise!

craig Sumner

Hi all I saw a sneak peek of these two new features this past Wednesday at the 2019 Learning Technologies show in London at the Articulate Stand. What I was shown was not the finished tool, the member of staff showing me explained that there were certain UXUI features that still needed to be added before release, but I can't see it being far off, he could not put an exact date on when it would be released but he felt it would be soon.

In terms of usability, I can see them both being useful tools and would imagine that they as many of the other blocks that Rise has, will develop over time, but be prepared to still use Storyline for more advanced character-driven scenarios.

Nina Araujo

Hi, Craig! Thank you for this "sneak peek." I was excited about coming up with simple branching scenarios in Rise based on their "coming soon" notification (I typically build more complex ones in SL anyway). What is puzzling is the lag between what Articulate has meant with other updates in Rise and this one. New features were available not long after those notification e-mails. It sounds like the product was not even in Beta when they announced the upcoming new features. Thanks again for update!

Anthony Goss

I am looking forward to this as well.  I feel as if the current blocks could all be revamped a bit.  I have put in feature requests for several of these things.  Here is what I would like to see to existing Rise blocks:


  • Ability to add audio/video/embeds to flashcards
  • Ability for learners to mark a card as "learned" or "complete"


  • Ability to add images to drag items and drop items
  • Ability to add audio to drag items and drop items


  • Ability to change the numbers at the top of the slides to something else

Labeled Graphic

  • Additional options for markers, such as numbers greater than 9


  • Ability to add audio along with a picture, video, or embed
  • Ability to rearrange content within the individual panels


  • Ability to add audio along with a picture, video, or embed
  • Ability to rearrange content within the individual panels


  • Color customization beyond theme color
  • Ability to link to another block within the same lesson or an anchor on the page


  • Ability to use Continue block as a navigational button to move to another block or lesson, similar to a button

Knowledge Checks

  • Free Response Items (non-graded)
  • Survey Items (non-graded)
  • Drag and Drop Items, similar to the sorting block
  • True-False Items
  • Feedback based on learner's choice instead of correct/incorrect or single response
  • Images and audio as answer choices
  • Audio/video/embed feedback


  • Copy and paste or duplicate individual questions 
  • Video/embed/audio feedback
  • Audio for individual choices and questions
  • Images and audio as answer choices

I am sure there are more.  

I would also like to see simple blocks for creating games and puzzles like crossword, Word Search, etc.  The Storyline Block is good for this kind of thing, but it would be great to have something in Rise for quick development.  






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