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Apr 27, 2017


I was able to present a course I completed in Rise to management. They loved the sleek and clean look, but they did pose a question about branding. Besides adding the logo on the "start course" theme screen,  is there a way to add it throughout the course?  

Thank you,


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Lisa - 

Great question!

You can certainly have a custom cover photo when the user will begin the course.

Did you know you can also include a logo that will stay on the left hand side during your course navigation? You can also customize colors and fonts to match branding.

At the landing page for your course, choose Settings at the top.  From there, choose Customize Theme, and you'll be able to apply custom colors, and heading and body fonts for your text. Check out this quick Peek screencast made by my colleague Crystal.

You could create a basic course with all your settings and save. Then, when you wish to use this template - Click the Duplicate button as this quick Peek displays.

Michelle Allan

Hi Leslie,

I'm also keen to be able to add branding/logos to individual pages, just something subtle around the page headings.

When you say we can insert a logo that stays on the left hand side during course navigation, are you talking about the cover photo image? I've tried doing this with a logo but found it to be a bit of a disaster – it's covered by the course name text and resizes/crops depending on the browser window/device size.


Lisa Kiser

Hi! In the interim as a work around, we have typed in our company name under Settings, Labels, then under the Global section where it says Lesson # of # to the right for custom text we put our company name, i.e, "ABC Company - Lesson".   Now when you scroll down and see the scrollbar you'll see the company name appear for each lesson. It may not be the logo, but the company name appears throughout the course. Hope that helps. 

Matthew Howard

This request is all over the community, this one from two years ago, and it still hasn't been implemented. It is extremely frustrating. Another solution I saw on here was to have the same header and footer for the course where a logo can be placed. That was in a request from 3 years ago.

Is there a document that shows these requests and their priority? I don't know if we are going to be with Articulate in three years if this is how slowly these changes get implemented. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for checking in. This feature isn't on our immediate roadmap, but I appreciate you letting us know it's important to you. While we don't have a public roadmap, we're committed to giving you the best information we can at the time, and we provide targeted release dates when possible. 

In the meantime, check out Tom Kuhlmann's ideas for a persistent logo here

Matthew Howard

Just like is shown in the video, you have to reduce the size of the file to get it to “logo-sized.” Which means the resolution is horrible once it gets to an acceptable size. See the image/text example in the video you sent to see what I am talking about.
It has to do with the way the software handles images. If the logo is at a decent resolution the size takes up half the screen.
Please let me know if there is a way to remedy this.

Matthew Howard

There isn't. I find it extremely annoying how Articulate responds to their community. Look through this forum and you'll find issues from 3+ years ago from dozens customers requesting the same change. Once they have you locked in to a subscription they don't seem to be in any hurry to make software changes in response to end-user requests. Their software update process is opaque and frustratingly sluggish.

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