Complete course trigger in rise that exists in Storyline?

My scenario is: 

I have a request to build a course that has a portion of training for everyone, then an option to branch into different roles. Each role has a different amount of training from that point and a different evaluation that they need to complete. 

In storyline I can use scenes and then at the end of each one I can place a button that triggers a "Complete course" when clicked and set the course completion settings to recognize that instead of quiz or slide #s. 

Is there any way of replicating that in Rise or am I stuck?  

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Nate!

Great question! While Rise 360 doesn't have a "complete course" trigger like Storyline does, you can still set up branching lessons within a single course. 

First, you'll want to disable the sidebar menu, since you don't want learners accessing every lesson inside the course.

Next, use a button stack block to allow learners to branch to the appropriate lessons. 

Finally, calculate course completion based on the number of lessons a single learner would view. For example, if the full course contains 10 lessons but a learner will only view 5 lessons, the completion percentage would be 50%.

Hopefully that gets you started in the right direction! 

Michael Hardin

What if the job roles have different complexities and thus require a different number of slides?  It appears this technique would only work if each branch has the same number of slides.  Are there any other ways to "trigger" completion in Rise besides using a Storyline block or a percentage of slides viewed?