'Consolidation' of three courses and subsequent LMS tracking

Jul 25, 2019

I have a client for whom I've created three Rise courses to be imported into their LMS. So far, so simple. However, we've received feedback that they would now like the three to be 'consolidated' into a single Rise course, to then be imported into the LMS.

Because of the architecture/general logic of the courses, I'm not hugely keen on the consolidation, and have a query from a colleague relating to a potential alternative; that is:

'..having a 4th Rise site to hold the URLs for these three other courses. is [this] achievable? The issue to consider is how it would track in the LMS. Will it track as complete if someone does all 3 courses? What happens someone only does one? They want the user to access every page and use that as their means of tracking.'

 I suspect this isn't an alternative, but just wanted to ask here before proceeding as I'm still fairly new to Rise... Thanks!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Matthew!

Your colleague is correct – hyperlinking the three courses into a fourth course could work, as long as you don't need to track anything within the three courses. For example, you won't be able to track whether the learner viewed all the lessons or what score they received on the quiz.

As an alternative, could you copy all lessons from all three courses into the fourth course? The copy lessons feature makes this a quick and easy process. And since you'll have a large number of lessons in one course, you can keep the lesson outline organized by using section headers

Danielle Wallace

Alyssa, 1. Can you clarify what can be tracked if the courses are simply hyperlinked into a new, 4th Rise site?  Is it just that the learner entered the 4th site? That's all?   2. In contrast, if a Rise site has many sections in it, can it track what sections were accessed?  I noticed the SCORM tracking only shows "course completion as a %" and "track using quiz results" and Storyline blocks, the latter not relevant.  Can it actually track which blocks were accessed? 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Danielle. Great questions, and I'll take them one by one:

  1. Can you clarify what can be tracked if the courses are simply hyperlinked into a new, 4th Rise site?

    The 4th, "master" Rise 360 course will send data only about its own content. There is no way to require learners to click on hyperlinks (in text or in button blocks), and no built-in way to track if they have. So even if they only view the lesson that links to other courses, it'll be considered complete.
  2. If a Rise site has many sections in it, can it track what sections were accessed?

    Yes, but this isn't reported to the LMS.
    Rise 360 courses will keep track of a learner's progress in case they need to exit and resume a course. They'll see their progress at the top of each lesson and in the sidebar. That data is not reported to an LMS, however. The course will simply tell the LMS whether it has been completed by meeting the minimum percentage, or by taking a quiz.
  3. If there are several hyperlinked courses into a new Rise site, does this mean those hyperlinked courses need to reside in a cloud based platform? 

    Yes, those courses will need to sit on a web server.
    They can be on the LMS as well, but you'll need to make sure that there won't be login issues for learners if they access another course while signed into the master course.

Let me know if you need any clarification on those answers!

Danielle Wallace

Thank you. So LMS reporting is slightly better with one long Rise site  because at least then I can track completion as 100% of the pages being viewed. In contrast, the option of the 4th Rise site means I can only track completion as the limited screens in the 4th Rise site (which in this case would only be 1 screen with 3 course hyperlinks).