Continue Block issue when used after Button Block


I have place a Continue block straight after a Single Button block, and have set the continue setting to "Complete block directly above". However, the continue button is just displaying as normal.

I want learners to click the button to visit a web link before allowing them to continue.

Is this a bug or intended behaviour?

I can't think of a reason why this wouldn't be allowed, so fingers crossed it can be fixed.



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Dale O'Toole

Thanks Anthony,

I didn't see that listed in the help, so thanks for sending that link to confirm. :)

I'll log a feature request now. From my perspective, I think it's better for the elearning designer to make the choice if they want it to work this way or not, as there are often some "out of the box" use cases that we may have that Articulate developers hadn't thought of.

One of my use cases is that I want the learner to click the button to open one of our company's help articles to allow them to become familiar with our other support tools or to find and answer and return to the training... it would be good to enforce this if I choose to.


Patricia de Souza

ARGH! so annoying that these little things dont work as expected - why would you make all the other  interactive blocks supported by the Continue block but not the Button block? 

Although I think Rise as a whole is fab, it's little things like this that seriously let it down and make using it super frustrating!

I too would like this feature added please

In the meantime, suggestions on how to force the learner to view a website before continuing would be appreciated

(Like Dale, I too need my learners to to open one of our company's help articles to get them to become familiar with our support tools/information before return to the training)