Continue Button is not unlocking or activating after completion of video in Internet Explorer 11.0.45

I have a Rise course with a couple of brief videos (welcome and closing remarks).  The client wants to ensure the learner sits through the videos, so I added a locked "Continue" button after both.  On Safari and Chrome, the Continue button activates as expected once the video reaches the end.  But the client reports that on Internet Explorer 11.0.45, the video ends, and the Continue button never activates to let the student move forward.  They are insisting on locked navigation for the whole course, so it becomes impossible to take the course if they can't get past the welcome video.

Has anyone else had this issue?  Is there a fix?  Or is this a bug?

The client has just decided they need to finalize the course today, so I've told them we may have to simply unlock the Continue buttons (or remove them from the video screens) if I can't find a fix this afternoon.

This course will eventually be accessed through Successpath/Success Factors cloud-based LMS.

Can anyone help?  Thanks!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Andrew! 

Unfortunately I'm finding that this is indeed an issue that we have shared with our team. It is inconsistent and has been reported in both IE11 and Edge.

I will add this thread to the report as we are tracking user impact and it will allow me to update you here when I can.

The only workaround that we know of is to use a different browser or not utilize the continue blocks after a video.

I know that isn't always feasible and we've had another user share that adding a spacer block between the video and the continue block worked well for them, so you can give that a try if you'd like.

Andrew Sellon

Thanks, Leslie--for some reason, the Forum didn't automatically notify me of your response on Monday, so I had no idea anyone had replied to my thread.  I just got an email from support today.  Given that I posted my inquiry last Thursday, the slow response time is a bit frustrating.  As I mentioned on the email I just sent, since I didn't hear anything back from Articulate by last Friday, I had to unlock the Continue buttons after the videos, as the client wanted to post the course to their LMS on Friday.  We added the Continue button lockdown late in the game, since the client decided at the last minute they wanted to ensure their learners watched their videos to the end.  This was the only piece of Rise functionality in my course that just wouldn't work in their IE11 browser.  And you're right--I can't tell a major, global corporation to change their browser, unfortunately.  The feature works fine in Safari and Chrome, but that didn't help them, so they weren't pleased.

I responded to the support email today asking whether the person who added a Spacer block had to switch the Continue button criterion from "Complete Block Directly Above" to "Complete All Blocks Above," because that could be an issue for me for the video at the end of the course.  I have a checklist block much earlier in the course as an exercise, where the learner is not required to check all the boxes to proceed.  If the "Complete All Blocks..." option would require all checklist items in a block earlier in the course to be completed, then the workaround wouldn't be usable for my last video.  I could still use it for the Welcome video at the start of the course.

It's not necessary to respond to both email and this thread, but a timely reply on one or the other this time would be much appreciated, so I know whether it's worth offering the client another version of the course for their LMS.



Leslie McKerchie

Thank you for the feedback Andrew. I didn't realize that you were working with our support engineers as well. I've added your notes here to your support case so that all of the information is in one place.

To be honest, we are behind. We are working hard to remedy that and get back to the response times that our customers have become accustomed to. We’ve set the bar high and are striving to meet those expectations and not let you down.

Andrew Sellon

Thanks, Leslie.  I posted in the Forum as well, because when I submitted the support ticket, the automated reply email suggested doing that.  Normally I wouldn't double up efforts like that as I realize it could add a redundancy on your end, but since you folks were the ones suggesting it, and I needed a response asap, that's what I did.

Thanks also for working to improve the response times.  This was my biggest client I/we disappointed with this bug.  Not the end of the world, as I have a longstanding relationship with them, but far from ideal all the same--especially as I was the one who convinced them to try Rise courses, and this was only my second Rise project for them.  I did worry what support response times would be like when I gave up my two remaining years of Platinum support; I'm glad to hear you are all actively working to rectify this situation so that support can be timely again.  

And I"m not sure why the Forum didn't notify me there was a response to my thread, but it didn't.  I thought it "subscribed" me automatically when I originated a post, but I see it didn't, so I activated that now.  Fingers crossed you folks find a fix for this bug soon; sadly, there are still a lot of large corporations out there using IE11 or Edge as their only browser.