Continue Button Not Giving a Consistent Auto-scroll Experience

Nov 13, 2019

As I am previewing some courses in the mobile view in Rise 360, we are seeing the Continue buttons behave inconsistently, making an inconsistent experience.  The Client is asking why and if this is a bug, and how will it be fixed?  I'm including a screencast of me previewing the course 3 times in a row, and basically getting a different experience each time.  Where you see the slower scrolling is me using the mouse scroll wheel...where Rise is working properly (or at least how they see it), it it scrolls with more snap to it (fast response, like fast accel and slower decel).

Are we doing something wrong?  Is this a bug?  Does it behave like this under certain conditions?  I can publish it to Review if needed or even share the course with someone, but I thought I would start in the community before entering a support ticket.

Thank you.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Michael. When clicking the Continue button, the block directly beneath Continue should scroll up automatically. I can see the inconsistency with your course preview, however. How does the course respond on an actual mobile phone using the Share URL? How about if you export it for Review 360 or web?

If the output is also behaving inconsistently, I'd like to have a closer look with your permission. You can connect with us privately here, and we'll work on next ideas.

Michael Anselmo

Thank you Crystal!  So, I tried it with the link generated directly from Rise, , and it seemed to work fine.  Maybe there is just an issue with the previewer in Rise, specifically the mobile phone version.  I will take this to the support link you included.  Is there a way to reference this discussion easily in there so I don't have to restate everything?  I am going to also publish it to the LMS and see what happens.  That is the most critical of course...that it plays seamlessly there.

Michael Anselmo

It played fine on my phone through the Talent LMS app, as well as using the link generated directly from Rise as I mentioned before.  My colleague is telling me that another course still isn't playing right in the app, but it is for me, so I am still looking into this.  I will post that in the support ticket as well, and will stop posting here and use the support ticket for future updates.  Maybe I will post the final result in here in case it helps someone else in the future?

Thank you.

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