ALL Continue buttons FAIL on mobile (Android only) - If padding is adjusted from default settings

I have created many courses for a client, have been spot checking on mobile.  This evening tested many of my courses on PC, iPad and mobile.  Continue buttons have been continually failing on mobile (Android version 8.0.0, Samsung Galaxy S7).  

I have tested this with the file on the Articulate server via share to myself, as well as exporting as Web files, and uploading to another server and accessing that link from mobile there as well.  Continue buttons not showing up, but do on PC and iPad.  

UPDATE: Ok, I think I figured it out.  You have to leave the padding at 30 top and bottom default on buttons.  If you change it (I had changed the bottom to 0) then the button won't show up on mobile.  I thought it was something else causing the issue, but pretty sure you have to leave the padding alone until Articulate can look into it.

UPDATE 2:  Articulate wrote back that they cannot reproduce this, they did test on iPhone vs. Android.  I can reproduce in 30 courses, so hopefully they can reproduce and help with a solution.

UPDATE 3:  Articulate has logged as possible bug, this occurs on mobile and Android.  Current workaround is to keep padding at default 30 px.  Will update when more info comes in.  Thanks Articulate for your help.

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Jeff Forrer

UPDATE 4 (Still an issue):  Confirmed issue with any buttons on Android.  DO NOT change padding from default or your buttons won't show up, and user can't view anything past the button, which in my case is all of the content in the course other than the first element of each lesson.  For now I will have to change 300 buttons back to default padding, my issue that I did not test mobile until later in the process however it should not fail as it is an adjustable available feature of the button. Once a fix is applied, I will post an update here. Thx

Jeff Forrer

Hello.  In my case each button had a unique name so I could not do a mass quicker update than changing each padding on each button.  A template could be created if your button contains more than one element (I put a Horizontal bar after every button to leave a placeholder there since after clicking buttons, they disappear), but not sure if a template will help you here.  I grabbed a coffee and went through every course, every lesson and changed manually ;0/.  Sorry not sure I am much help here.

Allison LaMotte

Hi Jonthan, 

That sounds like a real headache... I'm sorry you have to deal with that! If your buttons all have the same text, you could create a Blocks Template with a continue button with the default padding, that way it's easier to replace. Here's how that works.

I hope that's helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions.