Copy paste images in Rise (Process template)


I am building a course in Rise.

One of my lessons is the Process template.

It seems that i can copy paste images directly from internet, but not when i first edit them or save them on my computer. What is that?

 What are the exact conditions to copy paste images?

 (Ans im not talking about the default option to upload media in the template Process)

Thanks soo much!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Elvira!

In a Rise Process interaction, you can upload a media file saved on your computer, search the Content Library, or embed media from the web. 

Can you tell me more about why you want to copy/paste images into a Process Interaction? In what part of the interaction are you looking to paste an image? 

Michael Hardin

Hi Elvira,

It appears you are right clicking on an image on a website and selecting "Copy Image".  This puts the image in your clipboard and then allows you to paste (not attach) it just as you would text into documents, emails, etc. You are then pasting it into the text section of the process step, not the media section. 

However, when you copy an image from your computer, you are copying the file, not the content, so you can't paste it into text.  If you were to paste it in an email, it would become an attachment.

Be aware, when you paste it into the text section it is handled as text.  However, if you "upload" it to the media block it will be handled as media, which allow the user to zoom the image when they click on it.