Exported ZIP files are corrupt if > 3 MB

Jun 11, 2019


I've an important issue with most of my exported ZIP files with Rise 360.

I did made some checks, tests and researches over the web, this forum and Rise itself before writing this. This subject comes time to time, not that precisely described, often solved by changing the browser used to deal with Rise.

Here is the thing :
- When a course weighs more than 3 MB, the extracted ZIP file is corrupt. He won't be extractable on my computer neither uploadable on a LMS ;
- I tried to export using the latest versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox on MAC (last version or the OS too) / and Chrome, Edge and Firefox on Windows (latest versions too) ;
- I tried with many courses. The issue happen every time the exported ZIP file weighs more than 3 MB, no matter the course composition nor the export parameters I use ;
- If I delete some content inside a course to make it lighter, the exported ZIP file isn't corrupt anymore. The issue seems to happen when the extraction process have to deal with "heavy" files (at least, > 3 MB).

This is a serious issue that I'm unable to solve on my own. Any help would be pleased ! :)

Thanks a lot to every charitable soul who could get me out of this.

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Produit Quantum


Thanks for your answer.

"Mo" is the French naming for "MB" (we used to say "Mega-octet" instead of "Mega Byte", for the record).

The matter is not the LMS itself, it's really about the exportation process. Any ZIP file created by the exportation that weighs more than 3 MB is corrupt. And by that I mean it is unextractable, unuploadable and unable to be used in any way.

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Karl Muller

Just checked my ZIP files and have one at 39 MB that works just fine.

I know right ? From what I've seen over the web and this forum, this happen time to time with no apparent reason. Never happened to me before. It has been a week now since it started. I guess I'm now a part of the unlucky ones.

Anyway, it should be a way to fix it.

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Phil Mayor

I have had Rise files over 3mb, last course I built that I have just exported is 30.5Mb and unzip fine.

I would be interested to see if it is something on your machine that is corrupting it on download, have you tried using a different browser?


I have tried to export using :

- The latest versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox on a MacBook Pro 2018 fully updated ;

- The latest versions of Chrome, Edge and Firefox on Windows (Virtual Machine installed on the MacBook Pro mentioned above).

Sadly, I don't have another computer accessible right now to run some other tests. May I share you the link ?

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Crystal Horn

Thanks for those details, Renaud! I see my teammate Renson is testing some ideas with you around shortening the names of your PDF attachments.

Feel free to reply back to him if that works, and we'll take some next steps forward!

Hi Crystal, 

Thanks for your message. Renson did actually found out how to fix my issue. I would like to thank him and all the staff for your amazing work !

If anyone have the same problem, you have to know that there is a 255 character limit for the name of any file you upload in your courses. Just lower it below 100 character to make sure that no issue would happen.

Thanks again to every one !

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