Could We Please have a Roadmap for New Rise Features

Apr 25, 2017

Hi Articulate Folk

Would it be possible to please have a roadmap posted for upcoming Rise features. The "What's New, What's Next" page as it currently stands is outdated, there is no mention of a Continue block, no date for xAPI integration as well as very little extra information. A roadmap would also be helpful to see what features have been requested and are in the pipeline so that you may not need to get repetitive requests on the same topic. It would also be nice to know a general timeline of when these features will be released.

I do think its a great tool (so much easier to use than Adapt by comparison), well done and keep up the good work :-)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hello Dorrien!

Thanks for the kind words. I love how excited you are about Rise! We’re pretty excited too. 😃

We release features as soon as they’re done so we can get them in your hands as fast as possible. We add features to the What’s New, What’s Next page when we do roll-up release announcements, which means sometimes we’ll release features before they appear on the What’s New, What’s Next page. I’m sorry if this was confusing!

Checking out What’s New, What’s Next is definitely the best way right now to see what we have in the immediate development pipeline. Again, sometimes we’ll develop a feature so fast, it’s out before we can even add it there! 😊

We’re working on the xAPI integration -- and we’re really, really hoping to release it within a month or so.

If you have questions about other features you’d like to see or know are coming, just let me know. I’m happy to share what I know.

Aaron Barth

There are a number of things Cindy Holland, another member of our team has requested.

1) Ability to add custom css code to items. Right now I have to adjust the css code after export. It's not ideal. It would be great to have the ability to add a new class, and add our own code. To go along with this would be a way to input custom html code block would be ideal.

ie. I had to hard code the iframe to fit the share ability perfectly in this page.

2) The ability to hide the menu items that are scenario based without having to hack it as per Zsolt Olahs recommendations. Again this is inconvenient, but without exporting it, our stake holders find it very difficult seeing the final product. Not to mention the constant export whenever something changes.

3) We have just gone through some serious UX testing with some experienced SME's, and the key items that was missing that they would have used is the ability to share the module on social networks. Again right now we are hard coding this via an Iframe, in the same link as the first request.

4)The ability to test and upload to Review for stakeholders to make comments. Currently we are taking screen shots and getting feedback that way.

5) Export - This is a huge issue. Currently because of the backend hacking we do, we are only able to export as html. This is problem when in the next few months we finalize an LMS system and we are not able to track anything. Not to mention that when and if we do get the functions listed above corrected, the ideal would be to export as TinCan API.

The options listed above would make RISE a complete game changer here in Canada, and for us at dialectic If you are interested in chatting more about what we do and why Rise is such a valuable asset to us please feel free to connect.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Aaron for the list - and here's what I've got!

1) Custom CSS code isn't something I've seen discussed yet, and although it's a bit over my head, I could see the value in it. You mentioned modifying the iFrame to work with the Share link - did you try using the export No LMS - Web only as well? Does that not work with your website?

2) Not on the list yet, and I haven't personally seen a lot of discussions on it. Your example course looks really clean that way - so I'll share it with the team!

3) How are they currently sharing on social media? Are you looking to have a social media sharing option inside Rise or a better experience when it's shared on social media?  I know we added a feature that if you share a Rise course on Slack, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media, the link will unfurl to reveal course details, including the title, description, and cover photo.

4) Review for Rise is coming soon! We're looking at the next few months on this one.

5) Tin Can xAPI is also on our roadmap, and we're targeting in the next couple of months for this too. 

6) Custom fonts are being looked at, but we don't have an estimated time for this yet. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Trisha! 

-folders to organize dashboard
Are you looking for folders to organize your Rise dashboard, Review, both? I know that we're working on this for Review in Q2 '17. I'd have to double check on Folders for Rise! 

-changing font colors
Q2 '17 - so in the next few months! 

-storyline integration
Have you tried adding in a Storyline course using the iFrame code? Publish a Storyline course for web, upload to your server and then grab that link to put in this iFrame code for Rise:
<iframe src=“ insert URL here"></iframe>

-Variable feedback

I'd love to get more details about this one! Are you looking for feedback connected to how the user answers? Randomize correct feedback for a change a pace?

-adding media to feedback

Not on the list currently - but we'd love to know more about how this would help your course creation. 😃

Patricia Peral

Folders to organize my Rise dashboard. Right now I have 20-30 courses on my
dashboard and it's getting a little unruly in there! I would like to be
able to create folders say by client or an archive folder.

Variable Feedback: different feedback based on the response chosen by the
student. So we can give specific feedback based on the answer choice.

Adding media to feedback: so instead of written feedback we could have
video feedback where they can watch a video to support the content.


Aaron Barth

Thanks Ashley,

Looks like we are going to have to keep exporting and hard coding our files.

I did however want to give you a use case for the social sharing. At any given point within our learning scenarios we strive for our users to have that "Ah ha" moment. When that moment happens we want them to be able to share what they have learned with others. The UX testing illustrated the same thing. Comments such as "I'd share that tid bit of information", or "Oh so and so would love this tool". Having the ability to add share icons, that are specific to the text above.

The rise sites we create are not just learning tools, they are marketable sharing tools. Tools that allow our users to get from experience to another, or share with fellow co-workers or owners themselves.

Michelle Allan

Hi Ashley,
I really agree with Dorrien's request that the road map be shared. I'd rather not spend hours every week trawling through the forums trying to keep my team updated. There's some things we're desperately waiting on, including sorting activity blocks, and basic things like proper bullets within blocks.

Alesha Sisk

Hi Ashley,

I am similarly checking discussion boards for those features I am waiting on. Could I get an idea of when the following would be available?

-Ability to import lessons from one Rise course to another?
I'm looking to create separate Rise courses that our management new hires go through to exposed to processes in stages. But I need to able to import all those lessons into one Manager Reference Guide to make available for current managers so they have one link. Then when updates occur, I can update in one place and upload the new lesson in the other.
I have a time-consuming workaround that I can produce the outcome I want, but if I know when the feature will be live I can avoiding spending unnecessary time with the workaround.


Thank you for your time!

Chet Hertz

Seconding request for some kind of shared roadmap, maintained and up-to-date.  My management asks me about it at least monthly.

That said, I totally agree about the overall excellence of Rise.  Very fine to use and deploy, greatly appreciated here by content developers, management, end users alike.  

As to specific enhancement requests, highest priorities are as follows:

  1. Please provide search capabilities. It's the main thing asked for by my users and management, over and over. "Yeah, beautiful results, easily obtained, but how do my impatient readers find what they want fast without a search capability?"  
  2. Please provide ability to subsection-ize material such that the Rise left nav pane displays more levels of direct navigation.  Issue keeps arising: "Only one level of left-pane nav -- how can my impatient readers navigate more quickly to material otherwise buried in the middle of a major section?"  That is, the left nav only gets you to the top of a section.  The lack of finer-grained quick-navigation mechanisms is a barrier to readily accessing info.  

  3. Please provide ability to mix and match within a single lesson the built-ins and the blocks.  Presently, we must choose to make a lesson from one single built-in or from any number of strung-together blocks.  What we want to be able to do is make a lesson from any number of strung-together built-ins AND/OR blocks.
Crystal Horn

Hi Chet! Thanks for so eloquently sharing your thoughts here. We read and appreciate them all.

Our team is committed to giving you the best information we can at the time so that you can be accountable to your management and clients!

I can understand you feeling like you're in the dark about when certain features might be released. We don’t have a public roadmap, as development and timing can shift, but we provide targeted release dates when possible.

  1. A search function has been a popular request, and we've been tracking it. I'm going to add your perspective to that documentation and bring it up again with our team.
  2. It sounds like you'd like to have the option to anchor to different points in a blocks lesson so that learners don't have to scroll through.  Do I understand that right?
  3. Blocks that include the built-in lessons are in the development stage, but we don't have an ETA on them yet. We've heard from a lot of folks who would like that flexibility, and we've listened! 👍🏽

Here's some more information about our feature request process.

Thanks again for reaching out! We track these discussions so that we can post updates as they become available.

Cass Netzley

From your post and in particular the feedback you're hearing monthly from colleagues, I'd almost think you were working alongside my team.

Excellent points and observations. 1 & 3 are major sticking points with my team and deploying our various course content for instructor (physical classroom) and self-paced use.  

PDF output from InDesign has made our customers accustomed to having certain features for many years now. The search, indexing, and locating information is paramount when transitioning a 400-500 page PDF with 20+ chapters into a Rise course.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michelle,

Are you looking for access to the features such as exporting, sharing, modifying the course settings while folks are collaborators? I know it's something a few other folks have asked for, so we'll keep you posted here if that is released! Also, you can always keep an eye on the “What’s New” page to see all the latest and upcoming features for Rise!

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