Course Flow Question

Hello! Thank you, everyone, for all the wisdom you've posted. I have a dilemma with a course that I'm trying to move to Rise. The course flow goes like this:

  1. Case introduction
  2. Mandatory question (must answer before moving on and must be recorded in LMS)
  3. Critique of the case
  4. Three content questions that are not required, but the data must be captured and recorded in LMS (if answered)
  5. Resources

So my problem is with making that second item a mandatory at that point and still keeping the course flow. 

On top of that, each course has 5 cases, so that list would be repeated in the same course. 

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance!

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Paul Szczublewski

I think item #4 is the bigger potential issue. For #2, can't you just put a one-question quiz/lesson in there? It will be required, because it is a quiz, and it will report back, again because it is a quiz. They just move to the next lesson after that. But for #4, as I understand it, knowledge checks are not scored and will not report back. I think you'd have to make them mandatory to have them send a report back. Another possibility might be to have them push a button that yes, they do want to take those questions, then pop those into a new window where a separate, one lesson course with your knowledge-check questions appears. Set that to complete on launch, and you'll get a completion record, but under a different ID.

Not entirely sure what "data must be captured" in #4 means? If you're looking for item-level data, I think you'd have to do it as a mandatory quiz. My method above would only get you a completion record.

Sorry if I misunderstood the need.