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Aug 17, 2017


Over the last few months, I created 4 different Rise projects. To start these courses, I created different «Start Course»-Buttons (Course Settings --> Labels --> Buttons and Messages --> Course Overview --> Start Course).

Unfortunatelly it doesn't work properly. If I change the course label of one course, the course labels of all my courses change. Isn’t it possible to define different course labels for different courses?


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Alyssa Gomez

That's a great question, David!

Changes you make to text labels impact all your Rise courses that use the same label set. For example, if you edit the built-in English label set, every course that uses that label set will automatically get the same changes.

Instead, I'd recommend creating a new label set when you need to customize them so you won't accidentally change the labels in other Rise courses. Here's how! 

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