Course storage between contracts

Hi just looking for some advice from fellow eLearning developers who work on different contracts.

I'm a contractor who is about to end one contract and hopefully go to another one soon but there will be some time inbetween.  On this last project I created some courses in Rise 360 (including a test one for what I hope will be my new client) and I now cannot transfer these courses anywhere as I don't yet have my new team subscription details.  At nearly $1000 a year, with no monthly subscription option, I cannot afford to have my own account.

I can log into my personal account (created as part of a free trial) as it has a hero profile but I cannot send this account my Rise files it says "Failed to send copies to the following emails, please ensure that they have valid subscriptions:"

Just wondering what other contractors do.  This has really changed my opinion of Rise 360 and I don't think I'll be suggesting it to my new workplace.

I appreciate any advice offered.  Thanks

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Elizabeth. As you switch clients, will you be using the same email address when joining the new client's team?

  • If so, check out this FAQ and the one below it. When you're removed from the team, ask the admin to "do nothing" with your content so that it stays with your Articulate ID. We keep your content on our servers for at least six months after your subscription expires. If you join a new team in that timeframe, your content will be there, ready to edit!
  • If you'll likely be using a different email address, please reach out to us here. We may be able to reset your personal trial so that you can transfer your content before you're removed from the current team.

I hope that helps!