Course Title and Cover Photo

Jun 01, 2017


I do not want to upload a Course Title as I want to represent it in the background image however when I do not have a titled it comes up as 'untitled course'. Is there a fix here? 

Also, in the cover photo I would like to view the whole image however it seems restricted by the amount of text you have as the course title. Is there a fix here? 

Many thanks


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ritchie,

If you don't want a course title listed, insert just one space to have it remove the "No Title" element to the course. 

As for the cover image element, the image will resize and adjust based on the device you're using to view it in addition to the amount of text include in the title, description, etc. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Traci!

Rise displays images in different sizes and ratios depending on the device you're using, especially in full-width images like the header image.  There's no ratio or size rule to follow since the image will be cropped differently depending on the device that's used, so it's a good idea to use images where important details won't be lost if the edges are cropped. That's the beauty of fully-responsive content--it reflows and resizes to fit the device/screen you're using!

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