Cover image disappeared in Rise 360

I uploaded a cover image a couple of months ago that worked fine. I went back to show a demo of the course and the cover image was gone. I uploaded it again but it never reappeared. What's going on? I also noticed my markered graphic disappeared for a solid five minutes before it was visible. Has anyone experienced this with a course they haven't worked on for a month or two?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Tondrea. We were monitoring this issue for a little while, and we've just recently confirmed that it should be working normally again. I was able to add a cover photo from my saved images and from the content library, and I saw it working in Preview, including the sidebar.

Since you've refreshed your browser and rebooted, we can have a closer look with you. You can either reply back to Rowie's email from October 7, or you can start a new case here.

Elite Travel & Tourism Training  Academy

Hi Support Team , 

I start building my first course in Rise360 and the some of the images disappeared , I need your kind nd urgent help as I need to deliver the first course ASAP . This is a very disappointing issue for me .