Cover Page in Rise

I am having a rough time getting a cover page photo to show correctly.  I lose the top or the bottom and have spent all kinds of time adding space to get it looking (almost) right.  The weird part is that it looks GREAT in all views except on a PC monitor.

Is there a specific size graphic that fits more gracefully with having to keep playing around with it, replacing, on and on?


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Michael Bauer

I don't have an exact answer, however it works better with a wide image that has minimal height. It doesn't move around much then.

Also, if you hypothetically split it into a 3x3 grid as such, what you would have in the middle third is what also shows in the image above the menu.

It is trial and error and though, and also depends on your course title on what parts of the image will be covered by text.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Les, I'd agree with Michael here!

Rise displays images in different sizes and ratios depending on the device you're using, especially in those full-width image blocks or cover photos. For example, the way an image is cropped on a tablet is completely different than the way it's cropped on a phone.

In other words, there's no size or dimension rule to follow since the image will be cropped differently depending on the device that's used. That's the beauty of fully-responsive content--it reflows and resizes to fit the device/screen you're using.