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Feb 17, 2021

Hi, I am not sure how to ask this question.  I have tried to search for the answer and I am still confused.  I add a cover photo and it stretches and zooms on the screen where the user can click the Start Course button.  When they are in the course the cover photo in upper left fits perfectly.  Is there a way to have the cover photo fit better on that initial screen?

Thank you.

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Tom Kuhlmann

The image will crop based on the screen, which makes sense because it's decorative and the text and buttons will respond to be appropriately sized.

I like to think of the cover screen as a 3x1 image....for example 1500x500 pixels. It's kind of like 3 squares.  Then I try to keep the focal point in the middle square and that seems to keep the cropping in line with showing what you want.

Here's a tutorial that explains it