Create a block template and link it to modules, then have one edit point that updates in all modules.

Oct 10, 2019

I've been thinking about the ability to create a block template in Rise, but then have that block template be reusable AND be able to update all instances of that block template from one location.

For example, if I have 5 modules and each separate module contains block templates that are all the same, it would be awesome to update ONE block template and it gets automatically updated in the 5 modules.

This feature would be very helpful for some of the development we're doing.

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Steve Warren

This would be extremely useful because it would enable changes to cascade through courses without needing to go in and edit each one individually.  As you will know, this is how styles work in any design environment and is SO useful when "those in the know" decide on a style change.

To avoid confusion, you could create a separate option called "Style Template" or "Cascading Template" or ... whatever ...

Shelley Matsutani

Cheers, Karl. That's helpful information. Thanks!

@ArticulateStaff - I can see this request was submitted 2 years ago. Is there a feature that solves the problem of easily bulk updating training modules on the roadmap?

Context: Some of our blocks across training modules share the same content. We are constantly updating our training to align with our development teams' agile workflow and are seeking a solution that will make this easier. Alternatively, if there's another Articulate product that can better meet this need, open to suggestions. 


Beth Bailey

I see it has been 7 months since this topic has been brought up again. :) I agree that this would be tremendously helpful. The block templates could become "library items" that change across modules AND courses when desired. We are also seeking a solution that will make this easier. Thank you for your consideration!

Steve Warren

Very frustrating to search for a solution, only to find that it was raised/requested years ago and no action has been taken despite follow-ups from others.
There are many with a whole lot more requests than this one.

Not a bad idea for a Road Map of updates/improvements to be published so we can see what's being done to improve usability.

These seem so thin on the ground that it would be reassuring to know that things are actually being done.  RISE is a great product but there is SO much that would improve it.