Create a values between answer in 'fill in the blanks'

Is there a way to put some rules in play for 'fill in the blanks' as we want to do a competency activity to work out a customer pricing quote but the answer could be within about 3% either side depending on what else they add in. 

I know it can be done in storyline but would really like to start using RISE for this. 



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Katherine Piatti

i don't think there's a way to put in rules. but you can have many possible acceptable answers (i don't know how many but i've never reached the limit). are responses limited to whole numbers? if so, you could add the correct answer and the 6 values for the + or - 3% as acceptable answers.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Abigail,

Although not the perfect solution, if you are really keen to have your course in Rise (and why not, it's a great tool) then you could create this section in Storyline and import it into Rise as a Storyline block. That way, you still have a Rise course, but you utilise the Storyline capabilities when needed.

What I am not sure of, as I don't use an LMS, is whether or not the results of a Storyline block get reported to your LMS, but I am sure that will be answered by someone else shortly.