Create new folders on Collaborator level

Good day

Different users have shared their WBT's with me on the "Collaborator" level. Now I want to structure these courses and move them to different folders. But this does not work. I can't move them away from the "All Courses" folder. Is this only possible from level "Manager"? There are a lot of WBT's. Is there an alternative solution instead of setting everything to the "Manager" level?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Stephanie!

First, there isn't a way to remove a course from the "All courses" folder. If you put a course into a custom folder, it will appear in the custom folder and the all courses folder.

Next, the role Lea mentioned is a collaborator role. Collaborators can have one of three roles for a course:

  • The Course Owner can do everything.
  • Course Manager can't edit labels, transfer ownership, or delete the course. 
  • Course Collaborator can't access any of the options in Settings, Share, Review, or Export. They can only edit the course. 

You can add or edit collaborators by clicking Share at the top of the course main menu page. 

Daniel Mitchell

The problem with the current setup is that there is no view of what has not been sorted. The "All content" folder needs a partner folder that only shows unsorted (or a toggle view).

This stuff was simple for the first few dozen courses. But now that we are hundreds of courses in, management of it all is quite a headache.

Chino Navarro

Hi Daniel, thanks for letting us know that you are having difficulty managing your courses with the All Content folder. I appreciate you sharing your idea about having an unsorted folder where you can find the courses that haven't been moved to a folder yet. I will share this with the team, and if we make any changes, that can help. We will post it here.