Create protected URL - Button Link.

May 21, 2020

I create a course in Rise360. 
Using the Button Stack to create a link to another course. That is working perfect when I use the URL. 

Only now I use the web export and then set the course in a protected area using:

This is also working fine. 
Only I want to protected the URL so people can not see the url. 
Author have a javascript generator for that. I have used it on other pages and it working perfect. Only in Rise360 i'm not allowed to use javascript. 

See below how it works on a normal HTML site. 
Can some help me of and how I can use this in Rise360.

Note: Make sure you're using encoded links on page protected with Authpro protection code or they will not work correctly.
Example (before encoding):
<a href="">...</a>
Example (after encoding):
<a href="javascript:void(go_eurl('687474703A2F2F7777772E636F6D2F6D656D626572732F7365637265742E68746D'))">...</a>
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