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Mar 21, 2018

We've recently bought Storyline 360 to use at work, and our IT dept are in the process of installing it. However, because of the way our systems work they're having a few issues installing the desktop apps which is delaying the creating of an important piece of work.

If I create some content in a trial version of Rise using my personal email address (I assume I have to do this as I've already registered my work email address?) will I be able to access both the output and original source files after the trial period ends? If the answer to both is yes, can i then transfer the files from my private trial account to my work account so I have that as my permanent record?

Or should I be downloading the desktop apps to my home pc and logging in from there with my work email? I found a previous thread that stated "You may activate the Services on up to two desktop devices and up to two mobile devices at a time (maximum four total activations), provided that these activations are associated with the same Articulate ID" which would seem to be saying yes I can do this, but is the articulate ID my login details or an activation key of some sort?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, David.  These are great questions!

First, while the desktop installations are taking a little time, you should still have access to Rise.  I can see that your .org email address is assigned as an end user to your company's team.  On any computer, you can go to , log in and start building beautiful content!  I'd like to make this transition easy for you, so if you can build your content using the Articulate ID in that team subscription to start, that would be the best route!

If you create content in Rise, even if it's during a trial, you can send a copy of that course to another active Rise user.  Choose "Send a copy" from your course dropdown on the Rise dashboard:

So if you do create some content in your personal trial account, use the Send a copy feature to send it to your work Articulate ID.

Finally, your Articulate ID will give you access to all things 360.  If you install Articulate 360 onto your home machine, logging in with your work Articulate ID will work in the interim.  Just remember that your Storyline, Studio and Replay projects will be saved locally to that machine.

Let me know how you make out!

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