Creating Full screen software simulation in Try mode


I am trying to capture a software process and want to publish it as an interactive simulation on Articulate Rise 360. 
I tried to capture by defining the screen size leaving the Windows task bar below. and i have captured it as well. But when seen on edit mode, it has the white additional space at the bottom and top. So want to know how to remove this and crop it exactly to the size of the application.

Another point is when i publish on the Rise 360 as one of the component in a course designed. I want the simulation in full screen when clicked on the object inserted and then run through the whole process. Later it must have option to close after completing the course. 

Can any 1 help me in creating it from the beginning like setting screen size for publishing or the player size to be more precise. 

Thank you

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Sunil! I have a couple of recommendations for you:

  1. If you want the screen recording to fill the Storyline 360 slide, the screen recording area should match the slide size. Since you have already recorded the simulation, you'll want to change the slide size to match the size of the recording area. This will remove the extra white space. 
  2. Before publishing the Storyline content, hide the player so it will seamlessly blend into the Rise 360 lesson.
  3. After inserting the Storyline Block in Rise 360, set the width to Full Width. That way it will fill the largest area in the Rise lesson as possible. 

Let me know if you have any questions about those steps!

Sunil Kumar R

Hi Alyssa, 

Thank you for your  help and tips on publishing the content full screen. It worked ! 

Now i have another challenge but this is in the Story line 360 using which i have created this simulations. 

In each slide i have set an instruction/call-out showing the action that must me performed by the user to move to the next slide. It is mostly click on a link or a button. 
Now i want this call out to appear in the slide throughout from the beginning of the slide till the action is performed and move to the next slide. Then in the next slide, the new action must appear the same way. 
So like this, i need all the actions to be shown in call outs across the whole scene until the end of the simulation course. 

Can you help me how to get this kind function in a project?


Sunil Kumar R

Hi Alyssa, 

Basically, i am looking for the timeline not to have it animated. I want the slide to be stand still, it should not play at all. 
Just land in a screen / slide, then show the action to perform. Once the user clicks on that button or hotspot, it moves out to the next slide. 

SO is there a way to do so? Please guide me 


Sunil Kumar R

Hi Alyssa,

I have tried both your tips, i.e. dragging the seek bar of the Hint till the end and then the whole scene is set to Try mode, still when the video plays, it show the pop up initially and after 5 seconds it disappears. 

Is there a way where i can share that particular simulation with you , so that you can have a look at it and may be it is more easy for you to help me in things what i am looking for?

Let me know as i have added that simulation on Articulate review 360 already.



Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Sunil!

It sounds like the caption appears on screen for 5 seconds, then disappears at the end of the slide timeline, is that right?

If you'd prefer the caption to remain on the slide, right-click the caption object in the timeline, and select Show until end. You'll see a small arrow ▶︎ appear that will indicate that the object will not disappear when the timeline reaches the end. 

Let me know if that's what you had in mind!

Maura Sullivan

I am trying to do the same thing with a Try It using Storyline 3.

I have changed the Hint Caption Layer > Hint Caption to "Show Until End" and the small arrow is showing at the rightmost position on the timeline for this layer.

I have also edited the Base Layer > Slide Trigger to "Show Layer Hint Caption When the timeline starts" on the Base Layer.

I have made sure that the Base Layer and Hint Caption Layer are both 4s long.

When I preview the slide the Hint Caption is there initially, but then fades out instead of remaining visible until I click on the Hotspot.

 Why doesn't this work?