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Dave Cox

Hi Caroline,

Yes, you can set the passing score to whatever you want. You set the passing score on the Results slide Properties. When you are on the results slide, Click the Edit Result Slide button. It is on the right, above the triggers panel. On the Results slide panel, you can set the Passing score for this results slide.

Yes, you can pull scores from multiples quizzes as well. For each quiz, set a results slide, with its own passing score. Then create another results slide and set it to calculate the results for selected results slide. There is a drop-down selection at the top of the result slide properties panel where you set this. Then select the results slides that you want to use, and an overall passing score on this panel.


Crystal Horn

Hi Carol!  In Rise, you can go into your Quiz lesson settings and overwrite the passing score.  Here's a Peek on how that's done!

Combining results from multiple quizzes is a cool idea.  In Rise, you can choose to evaluate the results for only one quiz when exporting your Rise course for LMS.  You'll see that you can make that selection when you choose Export.  Here's a Peek on that process.

Dave gave you some insight into how we use the results in multiple quizzes in Storyline, but we can evaluate that feature for Rise as well!  Thanks for letting us know what you'd like to see!

Jill Duncan

Hi everyone,

The particular problem I am having is the feedback message my users get once they've passed.  The pass mark is 100%.  When this is achieved the feedback they get the tick in the circle, but a message underneath says that they didn't pass the test and to try again.  I don't know how to change the message. Could anyone help?

Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Heinz!

It sounds like you're not seeing the quiz score when you test your Rise course in your LMS, is that right?

When you published your course, did you select quiz result as the tracking option? 

If so, I'd like to test your course in another environment, like SCORM Cloud. That will help me narrow down the cause of the issue.

Would you mind sharing the published output file with me?

Allison LaMotte

Hi Vickie,

I’m sorry you’re having some trouble with this.

You mention that you’re new to using your company’s LMS. One of the things you can try is testing the LMS using SCORM Cloud.

This article about reporting completion and success statuses to an LMS might be helpful too.

If you’re still having trouble I suggest reaching out to our Support Team. They can take a look at your course and figure out what might be happening.