D2L Deployment - Six Different Rise Courses - All courses opening to the same course.

I developed six individual courses in Rise for a client. The client is deploying them to D2L. She uploaded the six courses following the instructions provided by her university (see below). When she clicked on Begin Course to review each one, every course opened to show the same course...a course on the subject of effective feedback.  Thinking she made a mistake, she removed all the the courses and uploaded them again. The same thing happened the second time only it was a different single course that opened. Without listing each course title, basically the first time she uploaded Courses 1-6 but when she went to review each course, each Begin Course link went to Course 2. The second time she did it, every Begin Course link took her to Course 5. 

I've never heard of anything like this before. Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be happening? 



PS...These are the instructions she followed:

1. Click on Course Admin.
 2. Click on Import/Export/Copy Components under the Site Resources section.
3. Click on Import Components and click Start
4. Drag over the module zip file and drop in the box or click Upload and search for the zip file in the correct folder.
5. Click import all components.
6. When done importing, click View Content.
7. Review and ensure that content imported correctly and completely. The uploaded PCL module can be found under the content section as a Learn module.

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