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LaVon Bowman

First, thank you for responding.

I have a laptop that does not have a keypad.

I tried all the online directions and nothing has worked.  I know that the code is to hold down the alt key and press 0176. I also tried the num lock prior to alt key 0176. 

I tried your numbers as well. alt 248 does not work.

Please, in case I have not found the correct step by step directions, please provide them to me. 

Katherine Piatti

It just occurred to me what you were saying about not having a number pad, so I tried using alt + numbers on keyboard and the degree symbol wouldn't show up (see screen capture). Strange. No idea. Can you get and plug in to your laptop a keyboard with a number pad?



Allison LaMotte

Hi Katherine,

Unfortunately, there's no way to turn that off because it's related to your email client and not to E-Learning Heroes. I would just make sure and delete your signature whenever you reply directly from your email or click on View to see the thread on E-Learning Heroes and reply there instead.

I hope that makes sense! Let me know if you have any other questions.

LaVon Bowman

If you are on a PC.

Bottom left of your tool bar Start menu. Click, it opens, click all programs, find Accessories. now look for system tools. There you will find Character Map. Look in times font and locate the degree symbal. select it then select and copy the symbol. Place your cursor where you want to insert it and click "ctrl V" to paste it. That should do it.