Demonstration and Practice in a simulated environment in Rise 360


I have developed a course in Rise 360 about an application features and demo (video) of it.

Now I want to add a demonstration and practice the same steps in a simulated environment?  I can prepare this in storyline 360.

Is there any way I can embed the simulation to existing Rise 360 project? 

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Eydie Castro


I embedded in a Rise project an interactive block, which is a system practice built in Storyline and Rise is not recognizing the completion and the user cannot proceed.  I have done this before, yet this time there are feedback layers.

Anyone having issues with Rise proceeding when embedding a Storyline practice simulation or quiz block?

Chino Navarro

Hi Eydie, I am here to help. For the Storyline block to register as complete, the learner needs to fulfill its completion requirement. When you published the course to Review 360, what are the completion requirements? Is it slides viewed, quiz results, or a course completion trigger? If it is slides viewed, you need to make sure that the learner can view the required number of slides for the block to register as complete. If it is quiz results, you would need to have a results slide and make sure the learner can visit the results slide for the trigger to submit results can run. If it is a course completion trigger, you need to make sure the learner can trigger the completion trigger.