Desperate: Variables in Rise!!


There is a desperate need to incorporate some sort of variable and/or action/event logic in Rise. I am not talking about a complex full replacement of the Storyline, but a simple if/then logic to enable better branching and pseudo adaptive/personalized learning.

With variables, you could set simple "actions/events" to occur on lessons and/or blocks if a variable is true/false/set etc

To keep it simple initially, variables could just be set based on quiz/knowledge check questions correct/incorrect answers (or also at the quiz result level), this would allow the setting of these variables to be used later to do basic logic and possibly advanced "branching"

In our use case, we have "pre-test" requirements for our courses, so we need to set variables based on correct/incorrect answers to allow show/hide blocks based on responses. This would enable the building of "test-out" functionality that also provides a simple "adaptive/personalized" learning experience.

Blocks and/or topics could have an basic show/hide "action" based on a variable.

Honestly, this is a big and required feature. We are evaluating other responsive elearning authoring tools and many are providing the advanced variable/branching capabilities.

Any update on this feature/capability within Rise?

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Crystal Horn

Hi, Dean. Thanks for describing what would help you design your courses in Rise 360!

We're tracking requests for a pre-test feature and for more customization to the quiz results page. It sounds like those might be helpful options for you. I'll tag this discussion to be updated with any changes.

I'll also let you know if we add variable options to the list!