Different outputs for the same scorm file

Hi everyone, 


I am hoping that someone might be able to assist with this query. We have loaded a file onto our LMS. When I log in I can see all the content, everything is 100%. When I log into a colleagues profile through my admin (and when they log in) we are either seeing an error or only some of the material is visable. 

This is from my profile. 



This is Moledi's which I logged into minutes after mine



And this is Jess's (I changed to a new browser and both are blank)



This is from another person that is on the course



So the problem is on their profiles. If it was everyone we would understand that its the file. Unless we are missing something? 

So mind boggling! 


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Dan Winter

Hey Lauren!

LMS problems are the worst...! A couple of questions for you to help hone in on a solution - first, how was the file exported from Rise? As a SCORM package, or as a web object? Also, which LMS are you using, and have you already had success with uploading a Rise course in the past or is this the first time?

I think I have some ideas, but if you can help answer those that'll help!

Lauren Grobbelaarl

Hi Dan, 


Thank you for your swift response!

It was exported as a SCORM package. We are using an LMS called Compass. 

This was the first one that I have used, however if launched perfectly, these 'defects' only started showing up recently. I launched the file about 6 weeks ago. 

Kind Regards


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lauren,

I couldn't tell from your images, but are you all using the same browser and version? It's possible there are different browser settings which could impact how a site or it's content is displayed. 

Also, I'd be curious to know if this is every Rise course in your LMS or only this particular course?