Display problem in Rise 360


I recently built a training module, using Rise 360. In that module, I've integrated text, images and storyline blocks. Once in was finish, I've published it in Scorm to integrate it in our LMS. I had a couple of comments from employees saying that they were not able to do the training. They were not able to see the training correctly (missing block or text).

I took some time with them and I asked them to clear their browsing history just to see if it changed something. Fortunatelly, it worked and it saved my problem. We are using Chrome as our default web browser.


I'm wondering if clearing the history is something we need to do before each training to prevent problems?  I've searched on this site and on the web and I did not find anything. Is anyone else ever had this problem?

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Marie-France Balleux

We use Dayforce for our LMS. Dayforce subcontract this system from Docebo.

The missing blocks are the Storyline ones but it happens also with text block.

I did not pay attention for each user. For some of them, nothing appeared on their screen after they click on "Start Course" and others started but in the middle, they were not able to see the rest of the training.