Does rise 360 courses work well with WIX

Jul 13, 2020

I have read a few old reviews that says WIX does not work well with Rise 360 courses.. Is that still the case or is the website user friendly with Rise courses now...



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Tom Kuhlmann

When you export a Rise course it needs to be hosted in either an LMS or web server.

Wix is not an LMS and it's a simplified web page host. You can create pages but they don't have a folder structure for you to upload your own content like a published Rise course. 

Most people upload the course to something like Amazon S3 and then they create a hyperlink to it from Wix. 

Tom Kuhlmann

There are no updates and this really isn't an issue, it's just a matter of how the products like Wix and Squarespace work. 

If you want a course online, you need to upload the published folder to a web server and create the URL. Using a service like Wix (and the others) generally means you don't have access to the content folder as if you were managing your own site on a server.