Does RISE 360 support right-to-left language? How about Chinese and Japanese?


Our company has been considering using RISE 360 as our new e-learning authoring tool, and we would like to know which languages can be used in RISE 360 in localization, for example, right-to-left languages or Asian languages.

In my previous company, I faced several issues when I was localizing RISE courses into Chinese and Japanese language. The characters were not displayed properly in Statement blocks (the sentences got cropped in mobile view), so they had be adjusted manually. 

Could you give us the list of the languages which are fully supported by RISE 360 without any major display issues? Thank you very much.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Bo! Left-to-right languages are fully supported in Rise 360. 

Translating your Rise 360 course to Japanese and Chinese should work well! Here are our tips for ensuring non-Latin characters display properly. As you mentioned, we are seeing some trouble with Japanese and Chinese text in the Statement block, but our team is looking into that.

Right now, Rise doesn’t support right-to-left languages. Our team has a feature request logged for this ability and I’ll add your voice to the discussion.

Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Lynn!

I'd like to point you to a few different resources that you'll need to translate your Rise 360 courses into multiple languages. 

  1. Translate your courses using this simple 4-step process: Translate your course
  2. Customize your text labels: Edit Text Labels
  3. Upload a custom font set: How to Get Non-Latin Characters to Display Properly