Does RISE have any functionality where the learner can type into a text field?

Jul 07, 2018

Hello everyone. A course I'm working on really needs to allow learners to type their own ideas into text fields. Their input is saved and can be edited if they come back to that screen. We've done that sort of thing in Storyline, but is there any functionality for it directly in RISE? If not, has anyone tried to import a Storyline interaction where that's possible into RISE? Would very much appreciate your help on this! Thanks in advance.

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Instructional Design

Hi Alyssa,

  Yeah we were hoping to have some reflective, open answers in scenarios so that potential nurses can do some reflection and type out / record their reflection responses to hypothetical scenarios that don't always have just one correct outcome. I've utilized the Storyline 360 blocks in Rise, but was really interested in having the option within a scenario for learners to type in open text if that's possible.

Math Notermans

Using Storyline blocks with Open Answer Questions or Forms that then submit data to either Google Sheets or some like that works perfectly for me. Just wished i could override the CSS Rise uses because that i find not always perfect. Especially around Storyline blocks it has too much space in my opinion.