Does Rise have the function of personal/customize learning path?


I am building an e-learning course about faculty training. I am thinking to give my audience a pre-assessment at the beginning of the course, and provide them customized learning content/material based on their performance in the pre-assessment. 

I am wondering if this is possible in Rise. Or anyone else know how to do it? Thank you so much.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Yanyan!

While Rise 360 doesn't have a pre-assessment feature to provide the learner with a custom learning path within a course, you could certainly begin your course with a quiz. Then, in the next lesson, give the learner branching options with a button stack block.

If you need a little pre-test inspiration, check out this example

Yanyan Huang

Thank you Alyssa for  your reply and the resource you provided!

Another question: In the quiz section, is it possible for me to embed storyline file? I am thinking to create a motion graphics for the quiz in the storyline and then add it to the beginning of the quiz, but didn't find a place to add.

Thank you!