Hello, I have created a course in rise and this course has several topics, these topics or modules end with a test, if the person doing the test fails, you can continue advancing in the course. but

I need that if the student fails the test he cannot advance to the next module of the course.

How can I configure this in my rise courses?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Albert! If you want to prevent the user from moving forward until they have passed each quiz, follow these steps:

  1. Enable restricted navigation.
  2. Open the Quiz Settings, and set the passing score to your desired percentage.
  3. Still inside Quiz Settings, enable Require Passing Score to Continue, and set the quiz retries to Unlimited.
  4. Click Close to return to the quiz editor.

Let me know if that helps!

Karen Lee

I am very confused. My product is up-to-date but I do not have 'quizzes' I have 'knowledge checks'. I have added 2 knowledge checks but  when I go to navigation and restrict it there are no quiz or knowledge check settings.

I have read multiple support documents (those linked above and others linked within those) and I do not have the ability to edit the settings on a knowledge check.

Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Karen! Sorry for the confusion, and I'm happy to clarify.

  • Knowledge checks are single-question blocks you can insert in your Rise 360 lesson, and they are ungraded. Their purpose is for interactivity and informal self-assessment.
  • Quizzes are standalone lessons. You can add a quiz by going to the main menu page, add a new lesson, and select the Quiz option. Quizzes consist of multiple questions and are graded based upon a passing score. 

Let me know if that answers your question!

Albert Garcia Pujadas

hola, muchas gracias por la respuesta, pero aún tengo dudas. Tengo un curso con módulos y cada módulo termina es un examen, lo que quiero es que si el estudiante no responde el examen correctamente, no puede avanzar al próximo módulo, ¿es posible hacer esto en aumento? Cuando exporto el curso a scorm, ¿debería esta opción hacerse en aumento o por código?

Albert Garcia Pujadas

hello, thank you very much for the answer, but I still have doubts .. I have a course with modules and each module ends is a test, what I want is that if the student does not answer the test correctly he cannot advance to the next module, it is possible do this on rise? When I export the course to scorm, should this option be done in rise or by code?

Crystal Horn

No problem, Albert. We're happy to help. If all of your modules are within a single Rise 360 course, Alyssa's steps will help. Here's a Peek 360 screencast showing how to make those steps work!

However, if each of the modules is its own Rise 360 course, your learning management system will need to have a feature to prevent learners from taking more courses until they pass the current course.