Downloading Xliff files in Rise - different output

Nov 01, 2018

Hello everyone, I am facing some issues exporting the XLIFF files from our courses in Articulate Rise. 

I previously downloaded the same courses in the XLIFF format, however now I get xlf files with the internalised html and the file original code missing. The segmentation in the new downloaded file is also very different and poor.

As we already prepared these courses for translation and they are currently with the linguists, it would be quite problematic if we need to reprepare everything from scratch.

Is there a way to download the same format as before? What is this issue due to?



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, 

We haven't changed our XLF format to include a target language as well. I'm sorry this is holding you up with Wordfast Pro. We found that it's likely possible to accept single language XLF files in Wordfast's web tool; I'm not sure if that's an alternative for you.

We'll let you know if we make changes to our XLF files to support both source and target languages.