Drag and drop quiz in Rise

Hi, I'm having trouble with a storyline drag and drop interaction once I add to a block in Rise. In storyline, the states work fine and the answers are correct. Once I put it in Rise, however, all of the answers are marked as incorrect and the state showing is in the incorrect drop (even though the terms are in the right place). I've recreated it twice with the same results and can't figure it out! I'll attach the file here. Thanks for any help.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paige,

Thanks for reaching out here - do you have a link to the Rise course as well so I could take a look at this? You can use the Share link to copy and paste it to share here. 

I published a copy of your course to Articulate 360 Review, and then pulled it into a Storyline block in Rise. You can see my version here. I was able to see the green correct state and red incorrect state of the items as I moved them around (same as in the Preview) and also, submitting it showed me the correct feedback layer.