Drag and Drop Storyline project, in Rise, on Edge

I have a storyline project with 14 objects and 14 hotspots. Each object corresponds to only one correct hotspot. All is working in preview and when published to 360 I can add it to a Rise course where it also works in Chrome. The issue is that both in Rise, and using Moodle to run a SCORM version of the project the objects cannot be dropped in the hotspot. The objects snap back no matter where they are placed (correct or incorrect areas).

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Josiah. Really sorry you're running into that hotspot issue in Rise and Moodle – happy to lend a hand!

Here's how my testing went:

  • I published your .story file to Articulate 360 and added it as a Storyline block lesson in Rise hereHere's a Peek of what I saw. I tested in Chrome, Safari, and IE11 where I saw the same behavior. Can I confirm which browser and version you're running into that snapping issue? I'd be happy to do some more testing!
  • I also exported the Rise course with this Storyline block to LMS and uploaded its output to SCORM Cloud here where I'm also able to drag each marker to its correct spot (they snap in place) and I'm also able to drag each marker to an incorrect spot (they drop back to their spot in the marker line at the top). Do you see that behavior when going through my link?

I'll be standing by!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Josiah, and welcome back! 

When you were testing in Edge, was that in the Rise preview, Moodle or both? Were you able to test Katie's SCORM Cloud link in your Edge browser too? 

The link may have expired, as I'm not able to open it, but I wanted to check if you had tested it either! Let me know and we can always re-upload to SCORM Cloud for testing too. 

Katie Riggio

Nice to see you again, Josiah! ☺️

Apologies for the expired SCORM Cloud link – here is the new one for that, and here is a new link to a Rise course featuring that Storyline drag-and-drop block.

I'm on the latest version of Storyline 360 (3.15.15581.0) and tested both links in Edge 41 where I was able to drag each marker to its correct spot.

Let me know how this goes for you – I'll be standing by!