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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Rick. Storyline blocks will launch full screen on mobile devices. If there is browser chrome (like the address bar), Storyline 360 uses this prompt to show learners how to maximize slide content on small screens. There isn't a way to disable this prompt.

It sounds like the Storyline block you created isn't interactive. If the Storyline content is simply on-slide animation, could you publish the Storyline 360 file as an .mp4 video and insert it into Rise 360 as a multimedia block instead?

Rick Sell

Hello Crystal.

This drag up notice seems to be random. I have a number of animations I created in Storyline, published in HTML5 format, inserted into an interactive block as a Storyline item. The animations are not interactive, however, they just run when the block comes into view. Should I insert these animations in another way? I am writing about this and some other odd observations in a separate post.