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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Steve.  Great question.  You're right that only the owner of the course has those rights, but you can transfer ownership of the course as described at the bottom of this article.

Only one person can own the course when collaborating.  Check out the difference between collaborating and sending a copy - I wonder if sending a copy would work better for your team.

Steve Klingler

Hi Crystal. Thanks for the reply. I do understand how to transfer ownership and how to make copies. Neither really addresses my challenge. There are plenty of things that multiple people could be empowered to do without presenting a conflict that requires a single owner. For example, adding additional collaborators, duplicating the course (to create a backup or basis for another new course), and altering the course settings. In a business setting it is crucial that work can happen even if a single individual is out of the office for planned or unplanned reasons. The only workaround I can think of is to create a symbolic user account and assign all ownership to it, then let everyone use that account as needed ... but not a very attractive solution because it requires buying another license and playing traffic cop to avoid conflicts. For the price premium charged for the team license, I hope enhancements like this are in the pipeline along with change tracking and undo. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Steve, 

We're continually adding new features and options to  Rise and the rest of Articulate 360 - so this is really helpful feedback to  have and know more about how changes to collaboration and course ownership would help you and your team! 

I'll pass this along to our Product team, and will keep you posted here with any updates. 

Irina Poloubessov

Dear Crystal,
Suppose we have 2 personal licenses.
If one purchases Articulate Teams - are those licenses merged with the new account?

Say, Teams offers 5 users, and if we had before 2 personal licenses - can we expand our team to 7 users now?
Or will the 2 personal licenses lost and we stay only with team number?

(or how  many users are actually in Teams?? Till which user number can it grow?).
Thank you very much!

Ann Babcock

Hi, Irina. 

These are great questions!

Articulate 360 Personal Plans can't be merged directly, so it's best to start out with a Teams Plan when you are purchasing as an organization.

You can start a Team with one user, and add as many users as you need as your team grows. Each user needs their own seat on the team, and pricing is per user. 

If you did need help replacing separate personal subscriptions, our Customer Care team would work with you to help upgrade to a Team, and then add as many user seats as needed. Just reach out to us at biz@articulate.com for help.

Karen Aman

I am in the same situation Steve mentioned above in that I have multiple courses in one language and need to clone them all to create another language. Am I understanding correctly that I will need to clone each one individually for that? We are using Rise for MicroLearning and currently have 50 microlessons, and that number will double over the next few months.

Another Issue I am finding is the challenge of the folder structure. Am I able to have subfolders within the top level folders? Our microlessons are divided into four categories in one language, so now I need to put all four category folders into an English folder, then duplicate them all and put the copies into a French folder. Is there a way to do this currently? If not, is this organizational functionality on the Rise development roadmap yet?

Thanks so much!!


Allison LaMotte

Hi Karen,

That's right - you'll need to duplicate your courses to localize them. 

There's not currently a way to create subfolders, but we do have a feature request logged for that capability. I'll update you via this thread if I have any updates on that.

In the meantime, if there's anything else I can do to help, please let me know!

Deborah Helms

My team is having the same issues--I have a large team and we use courses across multiple internal and external clients. Frankly, it's sucking up a ton of time to coordinate the transfer of course ownership to be able to publish to review, make copies, etc. Any idea if there is a plan to make the management of course development process a shared role? (I'm surprised that the team admin, for example, is not able to retain some of the permissions of a course owner...)